With 5 churches in both South Africa and Zambia. LSFM’s 20-20-20 Vision is to establish 20 new self-sustaining indigenous African churches and 20 local community development projects by the year 2020.

LSFM has developed a strategy platform to achieve the 20-20-20 vision. Within this strategy platform, 3 key areas have been flagged for prioritization and urgent (immediate) funding and roll-out.

o Urgent need for housing LSFM staff, since they manage and run LSFM's leadership development programs.  Since our local missions base terminated its subsidized ministry accommodation, this has become an urgent need.
o LSFM will launch a poto-type of the Baobab Live-n-Learn House, a Christian youth-hostel which will model ethical leadership, Biblical discipleship and family living.  Many Christian township youngsters, who show leadership potential, flounder in their young adulthood as they grapple with identity issues, decision-making, finances, and unhealthy family patterns. To facilitate effective leadership development,

LSFM is in transition from an informal volunteer-based system to a more stable organizational model to foster local growth. 
oLSFM needs an Administrative Director who can develop and train local leaders in strategic planing. and ministry administration.  
- LSFM needs a full-time administrative assistant to support the ongoing organizational and administrative needs of LSFM and its leaders.

LSFM must provide academic and training support for disadvantaged communities to fulfill its mandate for community development.
oAs of 2013, all LSFM Education Fund recipients are either gainfully employed (83%) or in school (17%). LSFM needs new donations for this extremely effective fund.
oLSFM will continue its Delft Building Project by erecting a playground on the grounds of the future Christian Community Centre. This building will host church services as well as an Educational Resource Centre.